Wellness wins. Athletic departments, professional teams, and student athletes perform at their best with Complete Wellness Coaching.

When there's friction along the path to success, Complete Wellness Coaching can be the solution your team needs.

“All in” is what you expect from your team from day one, but that momentum can fade without the proper structure or support. Doing all it takes to be your best SELF, to be your best ATHLETE, and having the discipline to go above and beyond your norm is hard to sustain if the staff isn’t supporting each individual person on the team.

“All in” not only makes one stronger, but it builds up the whole team. Let’s define your team’s mission and determine your specific goals on how to get there. Let’s set clear expectations for each person, identify their unique role and monitor the progress with accountability and consistent communication.

When trust, communication and self-worth are strong, a team can still flourish even in the midst of chaos, losses, or change. Get in touch to learn how Complete Wellness Coaching can make a difference for you and your team.

Let's create a game plan that works for your team

Every team and organization runs differently and needs a different approach for best results. Together, we'll identify you or your team's areas of opportunity and design a plan for success.

Motivational Speaking for Teams and Departments

It can be a one time speaking engagement or we can break it down into smaller sessions to address more than one topic. As a former teacher, I have a full understanding how individuals take in and process information. The motivational speech is there to not only inspire, but enhance creativity, reduce apprehension, offer a new outlook, help others feel they are working towards the same goals and it engages the hearts and minds to see things clearly and move forward with solutions and actions. A motivational speech tailored to your team's needs should leave you MOTIVATED and everyone feeling a renewed sense of dedication.

Team Coaching Programs with 1:1 Support

Motivational speaking is often the first step in successful coaching program. Most of my clients choose to follow up with ongoing support in the way that works best for their team or department. This looks different for everyone based on your needs and goals, and can include group workshops, small group coaching, and 1:1 sessions with team coaches or individual athletes. Are you hosting a pre-season work week to get your team ready for a successful season? Let’s schedule an afternoon packed with mindset workshops and team-building activities to bring your organization together. Are you mid-way through the season and struggling to get on the same page? Let’s get together for a team reboot and follow up with small group sessions every week to keep your team’s goals and priorities aligned. Whatever your team is looking to achieve, Complete Wellness Coaching can make the difference in getting there.

1:1 Coaching Programs for Athletes and Coaches

Whether you’re an athlete struggling with confidence or a coach not getting the culture you desire from your team, you don’t have to make drastic changes in order to notice meaningful improvements. In my Complete Athlete or my Complete Coach sessions, I work 1:1 with you to enhance your mindset, performance or impact on your team’s culture. I’ll work with you as an athlete or coach to define your vision and your LivingProof. Measurable results come from positive, consistent action and open two-way conversations. As your coach, I’ll be your support system, accountability partner, and an expert guiding you towards your physical and mindset goals. I design unique programs for each individual, but some areas we can focus on together include evaluation of your current state, discussion of successful strategies you can implement, exercising mental resilience, and how you can become the best asset possible to your team.

Complete Wellness Coaching programs are a powerful tool for youth, collegiate, and professional sports teams.

Complete Wellness Coaching combines physical performance with mindset work, emotional wellbeing, and all aspects of balancing wellness. The programs I develop for teams include exercises in mindest, performance, and fulfillment.

My first step in working with any team is to meet with the coach or coaches and understand your team’s wellness initiatives. From there, we’ll work together to create programs that can involve physical training, healthy living, a positive mindset, and building a team culture.

Whether you’re local to Connecticut or anywhere in the US, we can create a way to connect. Get in touch to learn more about the types of programs that set your team apart from the competition.

Complete Wellness Coaching isn’t just for teams and coaches! Individual athletes can work with me one-on-one to level up their performance and mindset. Learn more →

Could your team benefit from Complete Wellness Coaching?

There's a disconnect between players and team leaders, causing rifts or lack of communication during practices and games.

Players or coaches are feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and lacking motivation to perform.

Your team is struggling to get on the same page. You have great players and leaders, but aren’t working as a cohesive unit.

Every year your team is achieving average success, but never excelling or reaching bigger goals. You’re ready for something new.

The physical wellness of your team is compromised and causing a disconnect with performance.

Help your team, departmnet, or organization reach your big goals with Complete Wellness Coaching.

Get in touch to kickstart your team’s wellness program, or learn more about how LivingProof Wellness can benefit you as an athlete.