You are your LivingProof.

You are the sum of everything you do, everything around you, and the impact you have on others.

LivingProof Wellness can help you build your routine and balance life intentionally.


Define who you are, and identify what you need to feel and perform your best.

Before you can be the best at contributing to the people and organization around you, it’s essential to have strong self-awareness. This comes from identifying your own strengths, weaknesses, and personal goals.

As a solutions-based coach, I don’t focus on problems – only on circumstances and solutions that feel aligned to you. The first step in building your LivingProof is being aware of how your personal choices become proof of your life. This comes from placing equal importance in ALL areas of your wellness; mind, body and soul.

Complete Wellness Coaching isn’t a one-size-fits-all roadmap to success. It’s a philosophy of embracing where you are now, creating realistic goals for where you want to go, and feeling supported along your journey getting there. 

Be proud of the proof you choose to be.


Find your place in your team or organization, and lift others up.

Once you’ve identified what you want your personal LivingProof to be, it becomes possible to level up as a team player. This might be as an athlete or coach of a sports team, an employee at work, or who you want to be to your friends and family.

Let’s work together to define the unique value you bring to all that you do, and discover how you can become an even greater asset to the people that rely on you. When you know the attributes that you carry with you and you are willing to strengthen some insecurities that might be holding you back, you will understand how to enhance the roles you were destined to lead.

Feel confident as you shine your light and guide your team.


Thrive as a cohesive unit with healthier habits, communication, and group dynamics.

A strong team is built on a foundation of individual strengths that create a sum greater than its parts. This is reflected in the culture of a team, made by each personality as well as its leadership, common positive mindset, realistic identifiable goals and behaviors. 

When each individual is able to decide who they want to be, create their legacy with intention, and discover their role within the group, teams and organizations can create higher standards.

Every moment presents an opportunity to make a choice that impacts you and your team’s LivingProof. Coaching is your opportunity for support in navigating change, reinforcing healthy habits, facilitating productive communication, and ultimately sustaining the healthiest culture around.

Complete Wellness includes every aspect of you: mind, body, and soul.

To achieve lasting overall health we must understand how the mind, body and soul work together. Understanding the importance that you are the proof of all the choices you make and how you apply them, affects your mental performance, sustains a healthy body, and helps you fulfill your world. A healthy body keeps your movement active and your systems functioning well. A healthy mind keeps you focused and engaged with good decision-making and emotional stability. A healthy soul keeps you fulfilled and content as you navigate life. Keeping a mindful balance is the key to achieving Complete Wellness.

Where the mind goes, the body will follow.

We can't control everything, but we can control how we adapt, respond, and better ourselves. Are you curious about embracing Complete Wellness?