Motivational speaking to take you from where you are to where you aspire to be... in mind, body and soul.

Let’s elevate your standards. Strengthen your confidence. Be proof of all you’re living to be.

If you are looking for ways to bring an audience together with a spark of inspiration that will ignite the flame for future action, it’s time to book LivingProof Wellness for a one-time motivational speech or break it down into multiple shorter sessions.

Loryn masterfully takes the messaging of Complete Wellness and aims it to your targeted audience. Your specialized theme is planned for your group of 10 people to a thousand people.

Whether you are a business, a team, offering corporate workshops, sports camp/clinic,
sports administration department, school or coaching staff…performance is the result of mindset. My messaging will not only support growth in performance, but it can bridge the gaps during change, and re-evaluate the highest standards to reach. Everyone will understand their own fierce vision of success with a focus on building on their skills, teaching the importance of Complete Wellness and leading themselves to transform their legacy.

“Authentic delivery. Empowers your mind. Engaging energy.”

Loryn speaks on leadership, unleashing your potential, overcoming adversity and change, mindset and performance, balancing a life you want to live daily, understanding of yourself and making connections with others.

Motivational speaking engagements can all be done in person or virtually. Following the motivational speech you can schedule a short series of separate tune up sessions or ongoing small group maintenance coaching. 

As a former teacher, Loryn has studied and understands the importance of different learning styles in her audience. She provides clear communication and uses her understanding of developmental comprehension to cater to any age or category.

Being in the wellness industry for more than 18 years, Loryn provides effective systems, examples of applicable solutions and tested methods. Having worked with 5 year olds to professional athletes, coaches, major life transformations or the retired population, she has seen development, peak performances and the struggles of many. She has helped countless people understand themselves better, unlock their drive to accomplish great things and overcome obstacles. The world is focused on talent excelling your path. Loryn knows from all of her experiences that it is about understanding yourself, your drive and willingness to make hard choices. She is passionate about unlocking your self awareness and powering up your best self.

Get in touch to discover the power of motivational speaking and Complete Wellness Coaching.