You can perform better, feel better, and live better with 1:1 Complete Wellness Coaching.

Get the focused attention and tailored approach you need to perform at your best.

Everyone’s lifestyle and preferences are different so it is important for you to be led with an individual plan based on your own self awareness, desire for change and goals to live the best version of you. I help my clients integrate a heightened awareness of the mind, body, and soul balance into all the choices they make. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, a former athlete stuck at a desk all day, or just getting back into a pair of sneakers, I will guide you to your best LivingProof.

What does Complete Wellness Coaching look like in practice?

Whether you’re a coach looking to lead your team to greatness or an athlete wanting to up your game on and off the field, Complete Wellness Coaching can help you reach your goals.

Fueling Your Body

What you consume is just one piece of your Complete Wellness. With your goals in mind, whether it’s about how you perform, how you look, or how you feel, we’ll work together to set you up with the tools and resources to succeed. My role is a support system and a guide to keep you on track.

Moving Your Body

Whether you are a D1 athlete or having a hard time finding an exercise you like, it’s all about your optimal performance to keep your body and mind the healthiest with long term effects. Together we will identify your body’s capabilities and where you would like to take them.


Increase your productivity, set goals and learn to prioritize your responsibilities. Be held accountable and learn to hold yourself accountable to your own high standards with confidence. Together we will plan, assess and execute the life you decide you want for yourself.

Self Esteem

Building or improving self-esteem is directly related to how we are driven to succeed. It’s the value we see in others and ourselves. I don’t feel this should come from other’s advice but to learn to listen to your own powerful voice. Let’s detoxify your self-talk and establish the words and pattern of thinking that can improve our response to stress, self motivate, build strong relationships and take on responsibility that meets our skills.


We will never grow if our outlook never changes. We approach our daily tasks in varied frames of mind and attitude. When we can begin looking inward instead of seeking approval from outside sources, we can begin to make an authentic mind-body connection. Accomplishing goals is directly related to how we approach them, identify with them and feel about them through the process. Together we’ll use a well-rounded mindset practice to pursue growth.


Before we can start to prioritize your responsibilities, we need to determine what is most meaningful to you. From there, we can determine the steps you need to get the greatest sense of accomplishment, balance and contentment from your life. The journey of Complete Wellness has to be authentic to the life you choose to live to be successful, and only you can decide what matters the most and what you want to put your energy towards.

Get in touch to learn more about 1:1 Complete Wellness Coaching, and let's create a plan that will have you feeling like the best version of you.