How Successful Athletes Prepare for Preseason

I'm sharing my best tips to prepare for preseason to become a Complete Athlete and discover your LivingProof.

You might expect a wellness company to jump on the “New Year” bandwagon theme, but my radar is on helping spring athletes prepare for preseason! We are one month into winter and it’s time to start preparing for spring. I’m not wishing time away. Instead, I’m reminding you time is of the essence to begin your pre-season training. Be a Complete Athlete entering your new sports season. 

What makes Complete Athlete training unique?

Complete Athlete training is different from just going to the gym for workouts. Complete Wellness Coaching doesn’t separate the mind, body, and soul connection. Just like you can’t strengthen one muscle at a time, you must strengthen yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Being a Complete Athlete is focused on balancing and strengthening all aspects to reinforce strong decision-making for your best LivingProof. This isn’t just about being a good athlete, it’s about being powerful. 

Feel ready to take on preseason with tips from LivingProof Wellness.

Tips to focus on as you create a plan to prepare for preseason for the next 6 weeks: 

1) Don’t Cram

Be sure to plan ahead and use your off-season time wisely. Now is the time to begin ramping up into the intense training you need with built-in recovery time. Your body and mind cannot absorb the training if you attempt to cram it into the week prior to the start of the season. A plan is necessary to get you smoothly and safely to the next phase. 

2) Prepare physically and technically

It’s vital to have trained hard and pushed yourself before you show up with your team to start the season. You can’t jump straight into the season and expect your body to perform at its peak. You must acclimate your body, build endurance and grow your ability to be able to handle the workload that you will face in the season. This usually means doing some difficult conditioning. The stronger the fitness base you’ve built, and the more time you’ve spent with relevant position training, the better physically prepared you’ll be. The stronger the foundation, the less likely you are to get injured early in the season. 

3) Prepare the mind

As you train technically and physically to get ready for competition, don’t neglect your mind! Sett personal goals, journal, reflect, say positive affirmations, practice the “problems have solutions” philosophy, or follow experts in your sport. The more you train to prepare for these things, the better you’ll be able to handle them when you are in the intensity of the season. When it’s time to join your team it will be a shift to team objectives so you must be clear on your own development and the areas of focus you’ve selected for the season. 

4) Plan a taper into preseason.

Although it’s important to train hard to prepare, you want to go into preseason rested and refreshed, mentally and physically. Give yourself a few days of lighter work at the end of your prep prior to the start of the season. During taper workouts, keep your sessions short and intentional, and be sure to get plenty of rest.

5) Be mindful of eating habits.

Fueling your body should change with the season. If you are more aware of what you are consuming for your body to use as fuel, you’re more likely to build a stronger body. Don’t wait to change your eating habits. Changing your eating habits can look like a lot of different things. Keeping a regular meal schedule, change of caloric intake, increasing proper carb intake, monitoring your macro and micronutrients, monitoring indulgences, and considering different supplements. Building muscle, avoiding fatigue, and using nutrients to your advantage should be thoughtful and discussed for personal guidance. And as always, remember to stay hydrated and increase your water intake with increased exercise demands. 

6) Lessen the pressure in your mind.

Your season will be defined by what you do each day, week in and week out, however, be sure to take a long-term mindset. You can’t get it all together in one day or week and one great day or week won’t give you enough. If you begin now, you’ll have plenty of time to begin slow, get intense, and then taper off. Have fun getting ready to be the best version of yourself on days off and in competition. 

Become the reality of the choices you make weeks before your athletic season and begin the journey to grow as a Complete Athlete. The satisfaction won’t be from your stats at the end of the season, but how you felt and performed all the way through. I am currently booking with coaches, athletic departments, teams and individual athletes in my Complete Athlete programs…time is on your side for the best spring season of your life, if you use it now. 

Interested in Complete Athlete Services?

Get the focused attention and tailored approach you need to perform at your best.

  • Whole team workshops can be booked for a set amount of sessions based on your needs for players and team staff. 
  • Coach’s seminars are used to strengthen your staff. LPW supports coaches to reinforce staff effectiveness, develop team culture, and connect with each player on a higher level. 
  • Individual athlete programs are designed for each unique player. LPW will not just give you a workout and fueling plan. The player and myself work together to find solutions in their quest to become a stronger, balanced athlete. 
  • Motivational speaking events are custom designed to bring an audience together. Every event creates a spark of inspiration that will ignite the flame to transform their legacy. 
Training for preseason is essential to your longterm success as an athlete.

Contact me if you would like to discuss any of my services. In the meantime, get your plan organized and keep going!


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