Filling Your SOUL is Something That Shapes Our Innermost Being

There are 3 things to be aware of to support the ongoing work of fulfilling your soul. These experiences shape our innermost being and the reality of our LivingProof. 

Complete Wellness is putting value and effort into balancing the care of mind, body and soul. Mind and body are a bit more obvious from day to day, but just as important are the ways to take care of your soul. Self-care shouldn’t be once in a while, but should be maintained consistently as a part of a healthy living routine. Making deposits into staying aligned instead of seeking out ways to balance or worse yet feeling burned out, can help you feel more fulfilled long term. This doesn’t mean we need to go deep at all times and seek the meaning of our life, but continuously create experiences that make us feel alive and connected. Filling your soul isn’t based on something you attain or own, but something that you become. 

These experiences shape our innermost being and the reality of our LivingProof.  

Think about an experience in your life that brought you joy and satisfaction.  I bet it didn’t just fall into your lap out of the blue. Your mind and ego guide what you do, so maybe it took an awareness of a passion that you have, a manifestation of choices, and then took some action to make it happen.  

There are 3 things to be aware of to support the ongoing work of fulfilling your soul.  

1. Honor your LivingProof.

You need a healthy respect for yourself to develop a strong connection to your soul.  Make sure to speak words of honesty and positive affirmation to yourself regularly. Choose how you speak to yourself in your head and out loud to others, it’s a reflection of your ego. Too much or too little positivity can become the feeder to the next idea. Valuing yourself comes from knowing who you are, what you stand for and owning it with confidence. 

2. To make the most passionate soul-fulfilling experiences/goals you need to find some time for smaller acts of self-love every day.

Those nurturing choices have to happen to ensure your self-love is balanced from the energy it will need to grow. People that live a very competitive lifestyle might suffer from not feeling fulfilled if they are focused on just the end results. It’s not a matter of final results all the time, but finding fulfillment in the process. Finding something to love about your day that contributes to a bigger vision of what you want to achieve, are a part of the steps it takes. Reflect every day

a) on what you’re proud of getting done

b) what you liked about your day

c) what interested you

d) what you felt passionate about 

…Write it in a journal for 10 consecutive days. You will begin to see a pattern of the things that fill you up daily and help guide you to reach bigger soul-filling achievements. 

3. Stay realistic and authentic to the process. 

Don’t rely solely on stating your ambitions for the universe to manifest opportunities. Yes, it’s important to have goals, but it’s more important to have a plan on how to achieve the goal!  Be realistic about how long it might take you to reach and seek opportunities to move you forward. That’s why it’s so important to not feel soul fulfillment from just the end result, but to feel it all along the way. It’s not just about the big games, but all the practices it took to get there. If you don’t enjoy putting in the work, then every day will become a little more unbalanced and the joy of your achievement will only be temporary.  

Become the reality of what makes you happy, what you have passion for in your daily life, and ways that make you grow as a human. The satisfaction won’t be from how your soul will feel at the end of the process, but all the way through. Your LivingProof is what you become as a result of all of your choices.  

Keep fn going!


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