Hey Loryn, what in the world is Complete Wellness Coaching?

(And More Questions you Might be Wondering)

Complete Wellness Coaching is not about taking one approach to your health and overall wellbeing, together we focus on aspects of mind, body, and soul to help you balance to perform at your best. Performance is the result of mindset. Enhancing any kind of performance, creating change, and reaching your goals is the result of your hard work; having a coach by your side to guide you in your choices, offer resources, and be a steady motivator is the building block to create a stronger mindset.


Questions for 1:1 Complete Wellness Coaching

Personal trainers just offer you exercise programs and workouts. Complete Wellness Coaching is for your overall well-being and I don’t focus on one approach. Together we develop goals to balance mind, body, and soul so you are proof of your best choices and effort. LivingProof Wellness is an individualized comprehensive program for you to choose what is right for you and be coached until you are ready to maintain it as your lifestyle. It’s your LivingProof.

My 1:1 coaching service includes your initial custom plan and a series of a determined number of sessions. More sessions can be added for tune-ups or maintenance.

I am not directly associated with a facility. I can spend time directly training you, but I focus on coaching you for success by planning goals and establishing accountability. We work on balancing mind, body, and soul as a complete element. I do not isolate one part of a program.

Questions for coaches

I offer small group coaching services for departments, coaching staff and athletic teams. I work with the group to pinpoint areas they need support and solutions. I love to focus on culture and team building. These small groups can also be just for athlete mindset performance tune-ups in specialty positions like goalies, face-off, etc.

I customize my talk to the audience and theme of each event, but marry it to the messaging of Complete Wellness, motivating everyone to be their best self, and inspiring them to find a fierce vision of success.

I have worked with professional athletes and coaches, collegiate, high school and youth groups. I am proud of the position I initiated as Wellness Coach for a professional lacrosse team- pre-season, in-season and post-season. I am often hired for sports clinics or camp for all sports at any level; which can include a motivational speech, small group work and a training/stretching portion. Sports organizations also contract me for a series of Live On-Line talks. I’m hired for coach’s symposiums, athletic departments and parents of athlete groups.

Questions for athletes

Coaching is for any athlete open minded to want different results than what they are getting. It’s for any age athlete in any sport who wants to increase self-confidence, improve performance, strengthen relationships with team/coaches, have more effective communication skills, and be the best person they can be on and off the field. You can schedule a series of 1:1 sessions to tackle some personal goals or schedule maintenance conversations as needed whether you’ve attended a prior event with me or not. Personal goals can include physical training and fueling, as well as mindset, performance, and complete athlete development.

I will do an intake session with you to discuss your needs and determine goals and then we initiate a plan with a series of follow-through coaching sessions. Support is always a priority in between sessions when necessary. Sessions can be done in person, but usually on the phone or video conferencing.

Complete Wellness Coaching doesn’t separate the mind, body, soul connection. Instead we focus on balancing and strengthening all the aspects to work together to reinforce strong decision making for your LivingProof. The end goal is to empower the athlete with choices and goal based solutions. Just like you can’t just strengthen one muscle alone, you must strengthen yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. This isn’t just about being a good athlete, it’s about being your best self.

Questions for corporate firms

Whether you hire me for a one-time motivational speech or break it down into smaller sessions, we will plan the content together to support a wellness-rich environment. Performance is the result of mindset. Enhancing any kind of performance, creating change, and reaching goals are the result of hard work. Having a coach to mentor and not manage choices offers a supportive resource and can be an outside source for motivation. Bringing a coach in, not only strengthens a partnership and connection between different employees and management, but offers support for everyone to find work-life balance. When people feel well, they think clearer and perform better. There should always be an opportunity and space to support a healthy mind, body, and soul in the workplace.

Coaching isn’t meant to be a quick fix OR a long-term process. The time frame depends on the plan we make together. The duration of the coaching is tailored to the specific needs of your employees. Initially, we schedule working sessions together so I can equip you with a sustainable program and the appropriate resources. I follow through with sessions to mentor the different areas of wellness that need direct coaching for implementation. After the program is underway, I do recommend monthly/quarterly maintenance sessions to address new challenges
or to enhance the opportunities.

I have several different opportunities for you to be able to have anyone participate from wherever they are working: from home, on site, or abroad. Motivational speaking engagements and live more interactive topic-specific question and answer sessions can all be done virtually. I also offer what I call “Challenge Groups”. These are custom designed for any size group to achieve a predetermined Complete Wellness goal over a period of time in a private online forum. It is interactive among all group members and I coach them daily through their progress. It builds teams with camaraderie, support, and accomplishment.

Have another question? I’d be happy to help answer it.

Complete Wellness Coaching could be the solution you’ve been searching for. Let’s make your best better.