Celebrating 5 years of LivingProof Wellness

As I celebrate 5 years in business, I reflect on what LivingProof Wellness means to me, as well as what and who got me to this point.


Once an elementary school teacher to now a motivational speaker, wellness coach, entrepreneur… and a hundred things in between that brought me here. Although I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for 18 years, I got clear with my business goals 5 years ago.

Everything I do in every area of my life is as a mother first. How do my choices affect my kids? At 44 years old and a single mother, I wanted to show my three teenage kids what dreams look like when they come to life. I wanted to show them what an empowered woman looks like, and what strength, self-respect, determination, motivation, commitment, and resilience can create. This business is the LivingProof of all of that.

Self-reflection holds incredible power.

Sometimes it’s about the big things happening, but it should always be the smaller details that move you along with purpose. Commitment to your passions with a plan to achieve will not only define your intention and accountability; it will begin to fill your soul with accomplishment. It boils down to taking action toward your dreams in some way EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. The best way to sort it all out is by writing it down, talking about it, finding the right resources to support you, and then taking action!!! If it’s overwhelming… well, there’s a coach for that. I would like to thank all of my coaches and mentors and inspirations that allowed me to recognize and use my strengths to build something powerful. I wouldn’t be here without you all. Because of you…

I didn’t create LivingProof Wellness for me. I do it for your LivingProof. To give you a resource amidst all of the choices you face in life, in business and pursuing your goals, defining your legacy and to help you stay present in being your best self…mind, body and soul.

Let’s keep fn going, together!!!!



What's holding you back from going all in on your goals? Make the choice to be the best version of yourself with Complete Wellness Coaching.

I help athletic teams, professional organizations and individuals achieve their true potential by offering Complete Wellness solutions. My mission is for all clients to realize their strengths and learn ways to become their best selves. Your LivingProof is made up of every choice you make for your mind, body and soul. I want you to thrive, be excited, stay motivated and learn the best ways to accomplish your goals. I can empower you with motivational speaking, develop team programs or create solutions in coaching sessions.