I'm Loryn, an educator, a mom, a marathon runner, and an advocate for wellness in all aspects of life.

I’ve had many roles throughout my life; from my time as an elementary school teacher, to working on ESPN’s Wellness Team and being the Wellness Coach to a professional sports team. I also have 17 years of experience as a cycling instructor, group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and healthy food consultant which has helped me build great industry connections and deepened my passion for healthy balanced living. However, raising my children has been my most influential job and one I’ve learned from the most.

These experiences aren’t just things I did – they have become significant parts of who I am. Living a life that has high standards and is fulfilling are my inspiration behind LivingProof; the concept that we are the sum of everything we’ve experienced. We are the evidence of how we’ve turned those experiences into action in our lives.

This idea motivates me in everything I do. Helping others reach their goals turned from a passion into a career path for me. LivingProof was created to help others to keep going forward to achieve Complete Wellness through their mind, their body, and their soul.

I love helping teams succeed - whether they're sitting in the locker room or the board room.

Today I work as a Complete Wellness Coach and Motivational Speaker helping 1:1 clients, teams, and organizations to become the best versions of themselves. 

My areas of expertise are in mindset, performance, and achieving goals. My work looks different ways on different days; sometimes I spend an hour with a team after a pre-season practice doing mindset work, and sometimes I work with 1:1 clients on goal setting and nutritional choices. The work varies, but the objective is always the same; I strive to help my clients raise the bar for themselves and reach new heights. I celebrate victories with them and coach them through challenging times.

You are your LivingProof not in spite of the difficulties you’ve faced, but because of them. And I can’t wait to help you build your story with intention.


My Stats


Wonderful years across 7 facilities as a star 3 certified Spinning Instructor. I taught classes and discovered my ability to energize and motivate a group.


Years as the Wellness Coach for the Boston Cannons, preseason through the postseason. At the time, I was the only female member of the coaching staff in major league lacrosse.


Incredible years running countless 5K, 10K, and half-marathons. As a 49-year-old, I am proud to say I am training for my third marathon this November!


Years as part of ESPN Wellness, which is incredibly fun and rewarding, but has also allowed me to work with a diverse corporate clientele and bridge the gap between athletic and workplace wellness coaching.

My Experience


I graduated with a degree in Elementary and Special Education, and started my career teaching first and third grade. Teaching is about learning how others process information, and knowing which approaches to apply. Great communication is essential. I bring that ability with me to work and tailor it to every client's needs and goals.

Cycling Coach

I am a Spinning Instructor with 16 years of experience - spinning since before Peloton was around! Teaching spin classes helped me discover the overlap between mental and physical performance, and motivate people on every level to succeed. Now as your coach, I’ll sweat with you ‘til the end and choreograph the next steps you take right by your side.


During my time with the ESPN Wellness Team and other fitness facilities, I have designed workout classes with mindset and motivational coaching built in. Integrating the message that performance isn’t limited to what our bodies can do in that moment, but can strengthen our mindset to transcend to body and soul. Where the mind goes the body will follow.

Team Builder

I have transformed cycling classes that were struggling to fill bikes into a consistent waitlist in a matter of weeks. I have worked with 6 more gyms, including an all-women’s gym, to build out their fitness programs and rebuild their cultures.I have successfully organized and directed athletic non-profit events from volunteers to vendors to raise thousands and thousands of dollars. I have created countless pre-season programs at all level of athletes and coaches to build up a team before they compete.

Mom to Three

My most important role in life is mom to my three (now adult) children. They have been the inspiration for all that I do and my true legacy... they are my reason. Everything I’ve taught them holds true in my coaching - hold yourself to a higher standard, make choices with intention, and take care of your mind, body and souls.

Performance Coach

I bring my expertise in helping others enhance their ability to work to their greatest potential in any sports genre. My past experience in functional training and using the best form while working out is applied to collaborative, individualized, solution-focused, mental practices to enhance group or individual performance at any age and any level

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