Help your players, coaches, employees, and leaders perform better and feel better with LivingProof Wellness coaching.

Complete Wellness solutions empower athletic teams, professional organizations and individuals to achieve their true potential.

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Does your competition have a wellness coach that specializes in aligning an athlete’s mind, body and soul to compete with optimal performance? Is the coaching staff fully empowered to drive their team towards results?

As an athletic team or department, Complete Wellness has the potential to define your competitive edge. Working with athletes and coaches, I focus on harnessing everyone’s abilities and leadership qualities to create a high-performing team with more balanced individuals.

Let’s get every coach and player behind the same powerful mission and contribute their best skills. Let’s recognize and acknowledge everyone’s unique value, develop leaders on and off the field, and discover each individual’s true potential.

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Build a thriving enterprise by placing value on your people first. I provide guidance, education, and custom-tailored programs for a lasting impact on a workforce.

LivingProof Wellness helps organizations create Complete Wellness solutions by focusing on the well-being of employees and management at every level. Coaching and motivational speaking can give your team’s culture a tune-up, improve communication between colleagues, and help employees find balance among their priorities.

I’ve made it my business to inspire engaged workforces and help professionals realize their true potential through mind, body and soul. Make it your business to provide access to resources for your employees’s well-being, and see your organization thrive!

I think life should be fun, goals should be achievable and anyone can live a healthy lifestyle. The key is finding the right balance for you. Balance is achieved through trial and error. Balance is achieved when you open your mind up to accepting the PROOF of how you have lived and what you want your current PROOF to be.

There is no need for extreme dieting, deprivation, working out until you’re burned out or injured. It’s a matter of taking responsibility of your LivingProof, educating yourself to improve your standards and finding the right balance.

Complete Wellness coaching for an individual athlete will define your competitive edge. We will work 1:1 to sharpen your mindset, performance and leadership to develop higher performance in your sport.

Let’s work together to create a custom-tailored program that represents the life you envision.

What's holding you back from going all in on your goals? Make the choice to be the best version of yourself with Complete Wellness Coaching.

I help athletic teams, professional organizations and individuals achieve their true potential by offering Complete Wellness solutions. My mission is for all clients to realize their strengths and learn ways to become their best selves. Your LivingProof is made up of every choice you make for your mind, body and soul. I want you to thrive, be excited, stay motivated and learn the best ways to accomplish your goals. I can empower you with motivational speaking, develop team programs or create solutions in coaching sessions.

About LivingProof Wellness

I’m Loryn, the founder and owner of LivingProof Wellness. My philosophy is that we ARE our LivingProof – the result of every choice we make and the attitude we bring to life every day.

My work goes beyond health or life coaching. The goal of working with me is what I call “Complete Wellness”, starting with individuals and extending to teams and organizations. It’s the balance of mind, body and soul, and the alignment of our priorities with our performance. I support every client with my expertise in health and wellness, and create a partnership to motivate you, hold you accountable, and help you reach your goals.

The journey towards Complete Wellness allows you to find your strength, make mindful decisions, and take ownership of your choices to build the best version of your LivingProof. Whether you hear me speak, work with me in a small group, or receive 1:1 coaching, you’ll find yourself equipped with resources to perform at your best on every level. Your body is an incredible machine, and it’s time you tap into its power.